Dr. Yao’s Holistic Approach-More Than What I expected

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  • Dr Yao has been both a Dr and a friend since December, 2013.  My first visit to her was for what I thought were allergy related respiratory issues.  Turns out, they weren’t.  At least, if they were, they could not be resolved by years of allergy shots, nasal sprays, and various pills.  At the time I was taking a variety of meds and receiving weekly allergy shots. Within months after that first visit, I no longer had the persistent allergic rhinitis, runny nose, post nasal drip, asthmatic lung issues, and so on.  Dr Yao’s holistic approach to medicine via Traditional Chinese acupuncture, cupping, use of herbs, etc. has also helped me with upper sinus problems, digestive issues, a rare blood disorder and Erythromelalgia-a disease which causes intense, burning pain in the feet.  The burning pain has been reduced to a level many in western medicine believe impossible without medications (with unwanted side effects).  Dr Yao’s treatment has kept me from having to rely on this type of treatment.  In short, Dr Yao has provided me with health without compromise and has changed my life for the better!