About Our Clinic

Traditional Chinese Medicine for balanced health

The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Taiji (Tai Chi or I-Ching) Acupuncture are the two commonly used tools to help you heal at the Fresno Acupuncture and TCM Clinic. In the clinic Dr. Hongxue Yao, L. Ac., Ph. D. has used the time honored effective methods from TCM to reduce the suffering from medical conditions and illness. Dr. Yao advocates natural health healing. The main purpose of using the natural way of healing is to improve your health and enhance recovery from various chronic medical conditions without unnecessary medications or surgeries.

Taiji Acupuncture emphasizes balance. Disease and illness come from imbalance within our bodies.  Dr. Yao will quickly identify imbalance and help you rebuild balance with Taiji Acupuncture and techniques from TCM.  These unique techniques help your body restore its energy flow through the affected parts of your body.  They have been proven to be very effective for many chronic medical and pain related conditions.  Many patients at Kaiser Permanente have benefited from these interventions and the dedicated care from Dr. Yao for the past 6 years.

Other Traditional Chinese Medicine interventions will be introduced to you by Dr. Yao if they will assist you in establishing the new balance. Suitable movements and exercises are also taught  to speed up your recovery and healing from within. Lifestyle adjustment and diet modification will be offered based on your types of imbalance and insights from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taiji Acupuncture at the Fresno Acupuncture and TCM Clinic.