Testimonial-Emilie P.

An exciting testimony from a long standing auto-immune case which was ineffectively treated by drugs for many years:

If you are interested in getting to the root of your health challenges rather than cyclically treating your symptoms, I would fully recommend a visit to Dr. Yao.  I have struggled with lifelong excruciating eczema, allergies and a very weak immune system, and Dr. Yao has helped me calm and re-balances my body, strengthen my immune system immensely, and address a myriad of other systemic and environmental health concerns that have been plaguing me.  My rash has disappeared without the use of steroids (which are in fact stress hormones that are part of the originating problem, and diminish my immune system’s capacities).  I am feeling much healthier, more energetic and stronger after just a few visits.  I know that by investing in treatments with Dr. Yao, I am taking charge of my health for the better.  I was at a point where my health problems were dangerously compounding, and Western allopathic doctors just wanted to load me down with prednisone and a series of very strong and fairly destructive steroids and other pharmaceuticals that would eventually incapacitate me.  I’ve decided to listen to what my body is telling me, and seek ways to balance and strengthen it, rather than launch a (metaphorical) nuclear attack on my symptoms.

 Dr. Yao takes time to learn about you as a whole person, the stresses and factors of your daily life, your health history, diet and habits.  In addition to being warm, friendly and sensitive, she is clearly adept at her practice, and her knowledge of diet, herbs, exercise and TCM is vast.  Making an appointment with Dr. Yao is taking a decisive step in the direction of your own self-care and sustained well-being.

Emile P.
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