Testimonial-Jennifer L.

Here is a note from Jennifer L. concerning her results from Dr. Yao:

I have been seeing Dr. Yao for approximately 6 weeks now. My whole body was suffering from years of medications, not to mention that my mental state was a complete mess. In 2012 I was in the hospital 3 times. It is now August 2013, and I am a new person. Dr. Yao has helped relieved me of physical, and most important, the mental pain I have had for years. I did not expect to be helped so quickly, especially since my body has been under this stress for so many years. Only six weeks ago, I was on 7 different medications, all prescribed by various doctors. Today I take one pill, and this is only because I have not had time to wean off of that. I continually speak of Dr.Yao everywhere I go, and the possibility of Acupuncture working for them, as people notice a complete change in my wellbeing. I would encourage anyone to not wait to try Acupuncture as a last alternative; instead, get a head start on a new life. I only wish I had found Acupuncture and Dr. Yao years ago!