Testimonial-Mike D.

Here is as report from one of our new patients:

Dr. Yao is a remarkable practitioner.  My only regret is that my wife and I have not discovered her sooner.  For some time, I have been enduring the fallout from high stress, insomnia, an unhealthy diet, and poor circulation.  After my first visit to Dr. Yao’s clinic, I noticed that I felt considerably better.  By the end of my second appointment, I could see the direct, tangible benefits of her advice and expertise.  Now I am getting to sleep at night; I feel better when I wake up in the morning; and my overall energy has increased.  Moreover, my emotional health is steadily improving.  All of this has been accomplished without the use of prescription drugs, expensive tests, or hospital visits.

I should also add that Dr. Yao is patient and personable.  She takes time to explain the principles behind her art and clearly answers any questions.  Interacting with her has been an enjoyable learning experience as well.  Meeting with her has given me a lot to think about in terms of how my body and mind interact with my environment.  I feel like I understand more about how to live a more healthy lifestyle as a result.  My wife has had a similar experience and is finally solving health problems that before seemed insurmountable.

In my opinion, Dr. Yao is offering a reasonably priced, extremely valuable service to the community.  I would like to recommend her wholeheartedly.

Mike D. 
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